Volkswagen’s North American Battery Lab Opens in Chattanooga

June 13th, 2022 by

Battery Lab Volkswagen ID4 Frozen

Volkswagen revealed its new Battery Engineering Lab (BEL) in Chattanooga, TN. The flagship battery facility is 32,000 sq ft., costing the German automaker $22 million. Additionally, the BEL will give VW a competitive advantage over other automakers transitioning to electric mobility. 

The German automaker invested $800 million in the Chattanooga factories’ electrification. However, opening the BEL marks another tremendous milestone in Volkswagen’s $7.1 billion commitment. Additionally, the $7.1 billion investment will help VW enhance its product portfolio, manufacturing capabilities for the US, and R&D. Moreover, America will receive its first US-assembled ID.4 sometime in 2022.  

“When we began making investments in electrification, it was because we saw a future for our industry and the North American region in which Volkswagen could take a leadership position. The Battery Engineering Lab helps make that vision a reality today, accelerating us decades into the future with advanced battery engineering to support our expanding EV push in North America.” – Scott Keogh, President and CEO of Volkswagen Group of America, INC. 

At the time of writing, the BEL facility is one of a kind for Volkswagen Group of America. Although the BEL is North America’s first facility, it isn’t Volkswagen’s. Volkswagen Group Globally has four strategically placed units: Braunschweig (Germany), Shanghai (China), Changchun (China), and now Chattanooga. 

“We are applying cutting-edge technologies to make sure that our EV batteries and ultimately our electric vehicles for American consumers are safe and strong. With our new Battery Engineering Lab as the new center for battery know-how, we can react quickly to the fast-paced EV market by applying data to our local engineering and assembly.” – Wolfgang Demmelbauer-Ebner, EVP and Chief Engineering Officer of Volkswagen of America 

VW’s Chattanooga engineering group comprises 100 passionate engineers. Those Volkswagen engineers work in various roles, from chassis to driving performance to interior and digital technology. As a result, the Volkswagen engineers have a chance at some exceptional experiences. For instance, engineers may work on-site or remote, thanks to cloud access. Additionally, 30 new engineers will tackle climatic, mechanical, electrical, and corrosion tests for the battery cells and packs. Moreover, engineers can recreate every climatic environment possible. The specialized equipment is especially vital to the US because of its climate extremities, such as arctic cold to the desert heat, with simply the click of a button 

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