Volkswagen Releases the New ID Software 3.0

March 31st, 2022 by



Volkswagen Newsroom

In November of 2019, Volkswagen was one of the first automakers to undertake the journey towards a sustainable future with the ID.3. Initially, the Volkswagen ID.3 contained a mountain of software bugs. As a result, Volkswagen enthusiasts claimed the EV software lagged, was sluggish, and appeared as the last priority for the German automaker. 

Then the Volkswagen ID.4 premiered, and all those software headaches from the ID.3 slowly disappeared. Fast forward to today, and the VW EV software is resiliently refined. The new software variation is 3.0. Not only does the 3.0 software correct its predecessor’s issues, but it also adds some new fascinating features. 

The ‘Das automaker made mention of enhanced voice control response. With increased precision, voice commands are recognized with minimal annunciation. Moreover, the 3.0 system is so sophisticated it knows whether the driver or front passenger speaks and responds to commands specific to the customer. 

Then there’s the Volkswagen Travel Assist with Swarm Data. The new travel assist technology offers the latest automated driving suite. The driving suite has improved tremendously with lane centering. Additionally, ‘Travel Assist with Swarm Data’ includes automatic lane change. Although, it’s safe to say don’t hit the gas too fast on the lane change. Drivers can only change lanes successfully on the highway with a travel speed of 56 mph. 

Another cool new safety feature for the Volkswagen EV is ‘Park Assist Plus with Memory Function.’ The EV with a memory for parking learns parking maneuvers and recreates them when the time comes. The software learns parking techniques at a max speed of 25 mph and a distance of 164 feet. The Park Assist also specializes in simplistic maneuvers too. 

The ultimate new favorite feature is the head-up display. The head-up display is the cream of the crop and the best of the best. The ID. 3.0 Software attained a system expansion that includes new screens and more information. The display signals upcoming roundabouts and exhibits the distance to a destination from the satellite navigation. 

A small but crucial takeaway is the display of the Volkswagen EV’s battery capacity. Previously, the VW EV only displayed when the vehicle decreased to 10 percent charge. However, yesterday’s problems are not today’s, and the percentage is now permanently displayed. 

The final alteration the ID Software bought about is the maximum charge speed. The Volkswagen ID cars come equipped with a hardy 77 kWh battery pack. Previously, the VW EVs could only charge at a maximum of 125 kW. However, as we mentioned earlier, yesterday’s problems are not today’s, and the charge has now increased to 135 kW.   

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