Volkswagen Looking to Create an EV Pickup Adventure?

April 29th, 2022 by

Orange Volkswagen ID.Buzz SUV

Volkswagen Group of America CEO Scott Keogh sat down with Business Insider, and when interviewed, Keogh stated an electric pickup would be “the chance of a lifetime.” 

Pickup truck drivers are faithful to exceptional brands that harbor particular preferences. However, the Volkswagen CEO views electrified vehicles as a “reset moment.” Additionally, Keogh expressed that the refresh leaves room for new alternatives from unexpected automakers to take the automotive market by storm. 

In addition to Volkswagen’s opportunity in an underserved market, it’s worth noting that the VW Microbus served as inspiration for the VW ID.Buzz. The Volkswagen ID.Buzz will impact the American market by 2023. However, the ID.Buzz was designed with a pickup variant in mind, but the German automaker has yet to commit to any form of an electric pickup officially. 

“It’s something we’re actively looking at, but nothing to actually report now.” -Volkswagen Group of America CEO, Scott Keogh 

Like VW of America CEO Scott Keogh, other automotive companies recognize the importance of reinventing the pickup truck segment. An extensive list of automakers who want to develop electric trucks includes established and inexperienced truck manufacturers.  

Several startup manufacturers have proposed electric pickups. However, the only startup to deliver with production if its electrified pickup is Rivian with the R1T. Unfortunately, the Lordstown Endurance is long overdue, and the automaker may have lost its opportunity to produce. 

Pickup trucks are a bestseller for Detroit’s “Big Three” automakers. Additionally, the three Detroit automakers made commitments to electrified pickups as well. For example, the Ford F-150 Lightning has already cranked up the production volume since last month (March 2022). Furthermore, Ford has expressed interest in a high-volume F-150 Lightning to advance the current model in the coming years. 

General Motors, GMC Hummer EV pickup roared to life in December of 2021. So far, the GMC Hummer Pickup holds a higher reservation demand than the GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado EV. 

Ram has an electric pickup scheduled to debut in 2024, and Nissan has its sight set on a compact electric pickup. 

Like Volkswagen, KIA doesn’t offer a pickup truck for the US. However, KIA has confirmed that it has plans for an electric pickup, but the US would need a luxury variation. Volkswagen has just enough time to master the perfect electric pickup with the riff-raff out of the way while other automakers release vehicles and launch dates. 

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