Here’s the Buzz on the Groovy Features for the 2024 ID.Buzz

September 17th, 2021 by

Sunrise Volkswagen ID. Buzz

The two-toned microbus gives those familiar with the past Nostalgia and prepares the future with endless possibilities. It’s like a reboot of a TV show, but a revamp that’s gratifying. The ID. Buzz will catalyze an electronic future. 

Approach the Buzz and embrace its beautifully sharp angles and confined cabin. The appearance of an hourglass, as time progresses, the allure of the microbus stays the same. The Buzz reigns as the most prominent vehicle ever produced. If anyone disagrees, tell them to chill out and have a Scooby Snack from the Mystery Machine.  

The next-generation Volkswagen ID. Buzz looks to its predecessor and amplifies the vision. Mass production is in order as the retro design looks to reignite the fire of the legendary microbus. So, here are a few features that’ll give the old dog brand new tricks. 

Sunrise Volkswagen ID. Buzz

The Classic and Contemporary Baby

The ID. Buzz is the redesigned 1967 Volkswagen Type 2 Samba Microbus. The future-oriented Microbus takes a stroll down memory lane, but not too far deep because living in the past never helps anyone move forward—the 2024 ID. Buzz belongs in the 2020s, but the appreciation for the 1960s is too groovy to resist. 

LOL, Gas?!

The world’s first all-electric microbus is consequential to automakers alike. The ID. Buzz comes equipped with a few solar panels, enabling sustainable charging and reduced emission. 


Open the three or four-door minivan, and a generous interior awaits, ready to be occupied by seven passengers. So grab a few friends, hit the road, and enjoy some ample trunk space. 

Automated self-driving isn’t officially declared, but there are so many other technological features to appreciate. For instance, the cockpit isn’t too far away, just arm’s length from the driver. In addition, the cockpit’s dashboard comes equipped with ID light technology that illuminates the navigational guides. There are also GPS tax charge indicators and an automated voice assistant.

Sunrise Volkswagen ID. Buzz

Battery Capacity 

The psychedelic microbus embalms Volkswagen’s MEB platform with a respectable range of 342 miles. There’s a 111kWh battery along with two electric motors supporting the Microbus with an output of 275kW. Insulated on the roof, solar panels provide that extra charge. If the Microbus runs out of juice, the solar panels provide 10 miles until the next charging station. 

The Engine

Expectations for the engine capacity isn’t sky-high, but a horsepower output of 369 is pretty vast for a Microbus. Again, very little information about the microbus engine, but the minibus takes off, going from 0 to 60 mph in less than six seconds with top speeds short of 100 mph. 

The Future is Near 

The American market can anticipate the ID. Buzz by 2023. With a beautiful appeal and environmentally friendly design, the VW ID. Buzz holds a future that will live on past Nostalgia. 

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